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Overview - "Selling a House" Module (100a)

"Selling a House" Module (4 COURSES)


The “Selling a House” Module is one of our 2 introductory modules, with the counterpart being the “Representing Buyers” Module. At the end of each course there will be a quiz to make sure the learnings stick.

This module will look at everything that an agent needs to do for their client who is selling their house. From setting clients, expectations, to listing the house, closing escrow and everything in between. This module has 4 distinct courses that should be done in order.

The four courses in the “Selling a House” Module are:
- First Steps to Selling a House
- Listing the House
- Offers
- Opening and Closing Escrow

At the end of each of these courses there will be a quiz to help solidify your knowledge. Once you have completed the entire module you will be prepared for the basics of being a Listing Agent. You are ready for the RealtyPro Academy higher level courses that go more in depth on specific topics.


  • Intro to Selling a House
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed